Is Weezie your real name?
Not exactly. Even though I was born Anne Louise Kerr, I’ve been Weezie since I was very little. My three older sisters nicknamed me as a baby once they found out my grandmother Louise, for whom I was named, was called Weezie by her sisters and brothers.

The name stuck, even though I was teased a lot when I was young.

Is it true your mom wrote and illustrated children’s books?
Yes! Sue Felt Kerr, my mom, is an artist, still, at 82. (And she won’t mind that I tell her age because she’ll tell anyone in line at the grocery store.)

She wrote and illustrated five books (the first three as Sue Felt, the last two as Sue Felt Kerr: Rosa-Too Little (Doubleday, 1950); Contrary Woodrow (Doubleday, 1958); Hello-Goodbye (Doubleday, 1960); Here Comes Weezie (Albert Whitman, 1967); and Weezie Goes to School (Albert Whitman, 1969).

All of them are out of print, but you can see them at your local library or buy them online at used book sites.

Is it true you coached the Dixie Chicks?
Yes. Two of the three, Emily and Martie. And may I just say, they’re amazing athletes as well as amazing musicians.

Where do you get your inspiration?
A lot of stories come from my own experiences, but usually those experiences supply the seed of an idea and an invented story grows from there.

How long have you been writing?
I’d say since college, around 1980 when a professor noticed I had a certain flair for writing, and then more seriously in 1981 when I took my first writing class with Hugh Ogden, a lovely poet and a great teacher at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

How long does it take to write a book?
For me it depends on available babysitters, school schedules, and whether I have a job or not. In general, it takes me six months to a year to write a first draft.

What do your little boys say when asked what you do for a living?
My mommy reads magazines.

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